Because you don’t just care about your reflection, you care about how it got so good looking.

Here at Charisma we’re into high end products without the high guilt. We think it’s incredibly dumb that in order to get skincare that actually works, you have to sacrifice your conscience to the gods of chemicals.

We’re here to put an end to that.

Because your values matter—even in your bathroom cabinet.
Because ingredients matter—especially on your face.
Because it’s about time that a conscious, natural, ethically-sourced product does what it says it’s going to.

This, to us, is the definition of Charisma. It’s unapologetically demanding high standards. It’s being proud to be nonconformists. It’s that je ne sais quoi that you know when you see it (and feel it); drawing you in even if you can’t explain why.

It’s you. And it’s us. And it’s a game-changer.

Welcome to the party.


M e e t   Th e   F o u n d e r

Hey what’s up hello, I’m Caitlyn—the crystal-slinging, pseudo-goddess, mad scientist around here. In my time on this funny little planet, I’ve tried everything for my skin—from DIY Pinterest gambles, to buying out Sephora, to trolling the Walmart shelves. All in the search of something that worked for me on a superficial level and a spiritual level—and convincing myself and naysayers that this was possible.

I began making my own skincare when I was 13. (That’s 12 years of learning and researching, for those of you who now know my age.) Almost two years ago I was given a “beginner’s kombucha kit” as a gift, which totally spoke to my somewhat “crunchy” heart.

One sip of my homebrew and I was hooked.

It didn’t take long before I went from brewing in a ½ gallon jar to 1 gallon, all the way to a 3 gallon, charred oak keg. What can I say, when I’m in, I’m IN.

And it wasn’t just a tasty, hippie little hobby, it was sort of a miracle:

  • It healed me from 4 years of adrenal fatigue,
  • It helped me win my 2 year battle with black mold that had gotten into my system,
  • My brain fog and creaky joints were completely gone,
  • My sugar and carb cravings were lowered (anyone who says these go away forever is a liar who secretly eats pizza and tells no one).

I was on top of the world….and then I was like wait one hot minute, if this has all of these internal powers, maybe I should put this on my skin?

At first, I simply turned kombucha into vinegar and used it as a toner. One week after beginning this regimen I noticed my skin was glowing, the redness was gone in my face, and my stretch marks were all but gone (heck yeah I threw that stuff on there to see what would happen!)

I took my years of experience creating handmade skincare blends (enter: crystals and herbs) and three months later I had a collection that my beta testers, dermatologist and cosmetologist couldn't stop raving over.

I named ‘er Charisma because when I was thinking of who I picture using these products, it’s the single best word to describe her.

The rest, as they say, is history. Except it’s more like future….because I cannot wait to get these products into the happy hands of women ready to use products that work insanely well on their skin...and on their consciences.