Earn Moolah

  Ready to earn some hard cash, while working your own hours? Thought so. 

  We get it; you are totally head-over-heels for Charisma Skincare. Its healed your skin when you thought you'd never be healed. Its left an impact. It's GOT YOU GLOWING! So you're running around like a crazy cat lady (we love crazy cat ladies, btw.) telling your friends, "OMG! You HAVE to try this freaking awesome stuff! It's made of kombucha for Gaia's sake!"

  And then, you stop. "Wait one heck of a moment. Can I get paid for all this enthusiastic fangirling???" 

  Heck yeah, you can.

   Here's how this shiz goes down: You fill out the form below (boring part), and include your own creative promo code (sorta' fun part) which gives your friends a 25% discount (Yay! Fun part!). Then you continue on with your unicorn-filled life, sharing that promo code on your instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Blog... You get it. At the end of each month, you get a freaking 35% commission on every sale that used your promo code (Eeek! Super fun part!)! All sales commissions will be sent to you via Paypal.

 "Sure, 35% sounds great, but what does that actually look like in cold, hard moolah??" 

 Epic question. We're not math whizzes either, so here's a breakdown for ya'.

Every bottle of 'Skin Tight' toner earns you: $13.56

Every jar of 'Hydraters Gonna Hydrate' earns you: $19.24

Every bottle of 'I Like To Smooth It, Smooth It' earns you: $12.24

Every jar of '#SpotGoals' earns you: $20.99

Holy Moly.

  So here's your moment: Fill out the shiny form below, and you're set to go! Get ready to work from home while wearing your comfy Lululemon yoga pants!